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    Black gay men deserve health equity!

  • About THRIVE SS

    The largest network for Black gay men living with HIV in the country!!!

    Passion - We always strive for the best.

    In 2015, THRIVE SS was founded by 3 Black gay men, living with HIV to create a safe space and sense of belonging for other positive Black gay men living with HIV in the Southern United States.

  • Mission

    To achieve health equity for Black gay men living with HIV through direct support, advocacy and building collective community power.

    THRIVE Vision

    To end death, stigma, and shame for Black gay men living with HIV.

    THRIVE Values

    "It's a WE, not an I movement!"

    • Quality first, then growth
    • Unity 
      • Compassionate Care
      • Integrity, transparency, and trust
    • Truth-Seeking - Process of learning and conveying the lessons and learnings
    • Innovation - To do what is not being done on behalf of our constituents
  • Press Releases

    Larry Scott-Walker
    Executive Director
    THRIVE Support Services

    For Immediate Release

    May 15, 2020 - Atlanta, GA

    We Call for Justice for our slain brother Ahmaud Arbery


    We raise our voices speaking his name. “Ahmaud Arbery! Ahmaud Arbery! Ahmaud Arbery!”

    As Black people, we are often reminded that, in many ways, America is anti our freedom, liberty, justice, and our right to life. Like Ahmaud Arbery, we commit ourselves to living meaningful lives, with the pursuit of prosperity and the intent to leave the world a better place than we found it. We work, contribute to society and withstand the pervasive stressors of environmental, institutional and social racism. Our resiliency is a testament to our determination to succeed despite it all. Fiercely, we resist the intended notion that we have no rights to the system we pay into. We reject the thinking that we are strangers here merely to be tolerated and to serve.
    For centuries, Black people have edged out a life for ourselves while filling our youth with hope, teaching them that the “way up” is to do the right thing. Ahmaud lived a life doing the right thing. Now it is time for the Constitution to uniformly be enforced on his behalf at the local, state, and federal levels. We call for Justice! Ahmaud’s murder is a far too common demonstration of the violence and disregard afforded Black life. It is yet another demonstration that the black body is subject to the violent whims of white supremacist hate. It is white supremacy that has, again, caused this and countless senseless killings of unarmed Black people.
    How many more have to die, draped in innocence, for simply expressing their rights to exist while Black? How much more heartache can the Black community endure in wake of these continuing tragedies? Our answer is, “no more!” We call for Justice, and stand affirmed in accepting nothing less than full accountability of Mr. Arbery’s murders. Our chins are raised to the prospect of the fight this murder ushers into our social consciousness once again. There is no justification, no excuse or misunderstanding of what took place on that Georgia day. We challenge any notion that Ahmaud is responsible for his killing and wholeheartedly reject the implied criminality of Black men for being Black men.
    We call for Justice not just for Ahmaud but for all Black people. Anti-Blackness has poisoned the soul of this country. Ahmaud’s killers did not respond to anything Ahmaud did, instead to what they feared of him. Their racial bias deemed them judge, jury and executioner, as they made the decision to kill Ahmaud in cold blood while filming their conquest. This crime against Ahmaud, the Black community and humanity must not go unpunished, unaccounted for or unrecognized by the very institutions and administrations that enable this behavior.
    Fueled by the hate that has polluted nearly every aspect of American life these murderers thought themselves on the right side of justice. We call for justice in its true definition. We will not sit idle as white supremacy continues to rob our communities of beautiful valuable Black lives. We will not rest as strange fruit to be picked by oppressive hands. We will resist. With all we can, We WILL FIGHT!

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