THRIVE SS is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that created the Undetectables Model - a tiered peer support model that combines online support, traditional in-person support, and friend/social/ “Judy support” - to address issues that many people of color living with HIV face. In the United States, many people of color living with HIV have trouble reaching viral suppression or “Undetectable” status, disclosing their HIV status to partners, family and friends, addressing their hierarchy of needs (shelter, employment, medical care) and gaining support. The mission of the THRIVE SS is to help people living with HIV to not only achieve viral suppression, but also to aid them in building a local network that is self-sustaining, uplifting and mutually beneficial.

  • About THRIVE SS

    Creating support for People of Color Living with HIV across the country

    On May 4, 2015 the THRIVE SS was established to offer support to people living with HIV in the Atlanta metro area an effective way to not only offer and receive varied kinds of support, but also to offer people living with HIV a portal through which to share pertinent, lifesaving, information and build community.

    Now nearly 3 years later, we have hosted hundreds of events, health forums and meetings, we have shot numerous HIV self-love and acceptance campaigns, we have increased membership to 800 Black gay/bi men and 175 Black women in the Atlanta metro area. We have been able to replicate this model in other high prevalence jurisdictions around the country (Tennessee, California, South Carolina, North Carolina and the District of Columbia). Our hope is that the amazing outcomes we have seen in Atlanta will be mirrored in communities like yours, so that we can continue to reduce of the community viral load and by doing so reduce the numbers of new infections.

    Why THRIVE Support Services?

    "I'm 3,000 miles away from my family, and I don't feel alone. I feel loved..."


    "The resources from members have been very helpful, I volunteer now because of this group. I met some really nice guys, who speak on a daily basis to check on me."


    " I remain a member through THRIVE SS because I believe this is the reason I am in my right mind today. This group saved me from myself, I was lost until I got out my shell and started being involved. This group is my life saver."


    "I found THRIVE SS before I found HIV care in Atlanta."