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    "With the pilot group, we noticed after 3 weeks and 100 plus members we received questions about when we would have our first meeting. We didn’t want the vibe to be stuffy and complaint driven, so we devised ways to assure that our support meetings and events where positive, upbeat and results/healing driven.

    We vowed that every service we offer would be elevated and specifically geared to effectively supporting our members while honoring their humanity and worth. The logic behind this is that we want to create an environment that promotes a high level of discourse and open dialogue that is not only enlightening, but also felt less clinical in structure and dare I say it 'FUN.'" - Larry Scott-Walker (Cofounder)

    Meetings discussing relevant topics occur on a monthly basis​

    Meetings occur on a monthly basis. Meetings are where we discuss relevant topics, group business and plan future engagements.


    Potlucks are a lot less structured, but always involve a group engagement or activity, and are always hosted at the home of a member or Admin.

    Friend/Social/Judy Support

    Something amazing happens after that first meeting the guys have an even closer bond and connection. They go from being “Facebook friends” to being brothers. You will notice that the conversations are a lot less generic and general; also you will notice that the support is more pointed. Members become more comfortable asking and providing help and assistance. We have truly begun to embody what it means to really support one another. We begin to “take on all or part of the weight” and burdens that our brothers are experiencing. We begin to THRIVE outside of CDC funding and federal programing. We begin to save ourselves.

  • World AIDS Day 2017

    Commemorate World AIDS Day with THRIVE SS and ViiV Healthcare for a reading from the upcoming play -

    Blood Brothers. This theatrical production deals with a subject often viewed as taboo in the Same Gender Loving community, living with HIV. This work is a continuation of the works of Marlon Riggs and Essex Hemphill, as it spotlights a reality that many would rather go unseen. Join us for a timely discussion on support and healing as we recommit towards an active role in our healthcare.

  • National HIV Undetectable
    Awareness Day

    National HIV Undetectable Awareness Day is bringing awareness, on a national level, to the fact that people who are living with HIV can have an undetectable viral load and will not transmit to sexual partners.

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  • We Got The Keys!