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    THRIVE Support Services Inc. is excited to present a documentary that combats the stigma of living with HIV and shifts the narrative of living in the south as a black gay man living with HIV.

    In the fall of 2018, THRIVE SS posted a casting call through social media to Miami, FL, Atlanta, GA, Jackson, MS, Baton Rouge, LA, and New Orleans, LA looking for individuals open to sharing their stories of living with HIV. From over 20 applications, five “Griots” were selected as representatives to share their experience of navigating their respective cities through diagnosis, receiving care, and accessing the support they need to live a healthy life. A “Griot” is an african storyteller entrusted with the history of the tribe to pass on to future generations. THRIVE SS saw this ancient tradition as a great way to combat stigma, and show that living a healthy and full life with HIV, amongst cities in the south, is possible and their stories should be documented and shared authentically through film.


    Project Griot was formed on the vision of sharing the stories of black gay men in a way that shows the intricacies of the queer lifestyle, while bridging connections of different backgrounds and experiences. The strength of the 5 men willing to share their personal journeys of living with HIV is the anchor to this project, shining a light on the true issues within the black LGBTQ Community. From dancing to disclosure, resilience to religion, addiction to appointments, ​Outrun the Sky​ touches on social and cultural factors that are often overlooked in conversations about HIV. The combination of professional filming and personal recordings gives the film an additional layer of introspection; while the storylines take the viewer on a journey of love for yourself and your fellow brothers and sisters. We all have a story, and Eric Collins, Isaac Gilliard III, Lamar McMullen, Bryson Richard, and Boomer Woods are strong enough to tell theirs.


    Tour Dates:

    Aug 3, 2019 Miami, FL Pridelines 7-10PM

    Aug 16, 2019 Birmingham, AL The HUB 4-6PM

    Aug 28, 2019 Baton Rouge, LA Southern University TBA

    Aug 31, 2019 Atlanta, GA Atlanta Black Gay Pride - Hudson Grille (midtown) 11-2PM

    Sept 5, 2019 Washington, DC USCA conference TBA

    Sept 21, 2019 Ft. Walton, FL Positive Living Conference TBA



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