Condom Distribution

    THRIVE SS provides free condoms and lubricants to at-risk population through a partnership with Fulton County Department of Health and Wellness.

    Support Services (Online and In-person)

    THRIVE SS provides in-person and virtual support for people living with HIV and people at risk for HIV and other STI.

    Medical and Non medical Linkage and Referral Services (including: medication, housing, food)

    THRIVE SS provides culturally competent referalls to medical and non-medical linkage for HIV/AIDS care in the Atlanta and surround jurisdictions. We believe these services, consist of more than providing our members with a name and phone number, but actually assisting in the scheduling and document gathering. We also conduct an accountability report after services are rendered to our clients. We have assited more than 400 members seeking information on pharmaceutical patient assistance programs across the state, in addition to referrals to our very own food bank services made possible with a collaboration from Feed Thee and the Midwest Foodbank Georgia Division.

    Research & Intervention Recruitment, Retention and Outreach Services

    Allow THRIVE SS to assist you in conducting community assessments towards any research and intervention recruitment, retention and outreach services your organization set out ot accomplish. Between our staff memebers we have recruited more than 6,000 men who have sex with men with emphasis on Black men who have sex with men sero-definded or not sero-definded. We have recruited BMSM and MSM for diffused evidenced-based interventions, home-grown interventions in addition to NIMH and CDC funded research studies. Many of the clients we have interfaced with retain some form of conection either through social media or our private listserves.

    Technical Assistance (Intervention/ Program Implementations)

    Capitalizing on three decades of collective work on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention diffused evidenced-based intervention (DEBI), many of our agency staff are trainer of trainers and/or trainer of facilitators for many of the interventions targeted for Black Men who have Sex with Men (BMSM) and people living with HIV. Interventions include mPowerment, Many Men, Many Voices, defend yourself (d-up!), VOICES/VOCES, Healthy Relationships and Personalize Cognative Counseling. All of our staff are also trained on provider 3rd and 4th HIV-antigen and HIV-antibody testing.

    Healthy Living Engagements

    THRIVE SS have hosted numerous events from small to mid-sized groups focused around THRIVING with HIV. These celebrations are very important for community mobilization, as it allows THRIVE an opprutunity to give back to the people we serve. We have found these engagements galvanized support for the long run.


    Annual Healthy Positive Outcomes Celebratory Conference/Gala

    THRIVE SS will host a 1.5 day conference focused on health living and seeking viral suppression for BMSM living in the Deep South. The Conference/Gala will feature BMSM reaching and maintain viral supression delivering roundtable discussions, workshops and plenary session on topics along the care continuum. Abstracts acceptance will occur mid-summer to early fall, with the actual conference being hosted in December. 

    Biannual Client Driven Service Delivery Evaluation Reports

    In the manner of providing feedback to providers from people living with HIV/AIDS, THRIVE SS publishes two report cards assessing patient care at many organizations our members use for medical care. We will specifically assess: wait times, communcation between medical staff and patient, ease of scheduling appointments, and other wrap around services provided by medical providers. We envison this starting a conversation between patients and providers on the quality of care specifically from the eye of the consumer. These reports will feed into many of the services THRIVE SS provides such as Technical Assitance, Rentention and Outreach and Medical Linkage services. We look forward to publsihing more information in Quarter 4 of 2018.


    Sensitivity Training and Best Practice Resource Sharing

    If your organization would like to learn how to best serve the needs of people of color living with HIV or the Meaning Involvement of People with HIV (MIPA) our staff is willing to provide trainings. Our cultural and HIV status sensitivity training's will enhance service providers communication skills, allowing them the ability to connect and serve vulnerable populations.

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