• The Silver Lining Project

    A program for black men living with HIV, created by black men living with HIV

  • Our Mission


    The Silver Lining Project will be a grass

    root community-driven demonstration project that will be set up to evaluate its

    impact and effectiveness. The overarching goal of the Silver Lining Project is to

    use this peer-created and peer-led interventions to address the isolation, lack of

    the agency, HIV stigma, lowered self-esteem and value that is endured by many

    Black gay men over 50 living with HIV (BGMLH).


  • Meet the Silver Lining Project Staff

    On May 15th THRIVESS conducted its first staff meeting and as part of the THRIVESS staff, three very talented brothers officially began their roles leading and supporting this project. They come with great amount of experience, but more importantly, they bring passion, desire and a love for the work, for each other and for the men they support.

    Program Manager

    Malcolm Reid

    I been working with THRIVE SS as a volunteer supporting black men living with HIV for the last 4 years. Particularly, those mature men around my age. My passion has always been politics and policy. I am the co-founder and co-director of PASAN, the Political and Social Action Network. I represent THRIVE SS on the USPLHIV Caucus Steering Committee, where I am co-chair of the Federal Policy sub committee. most recently I co-authored the Silver Lining Project and now serve as the Program Manager.

    A strong believer in Meaningful Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDs, I work hard to keep black men living with HIV aware of public policy and politics and how to advocate effectively. I am excited to bring meaningful, effective programs to reach my brothers so we can fight Stigma, deal with Loss, Survivors Guilt, and face all the other challenges that men of color face, while aging and living with HIV, while we make our voices heard.

    Program Coordinator

    Darryl (DC) Branch

    15 years living with HIV, one day at a time.

    In Sept., 2004 my life changed.

    10 years later, in 2014 I decided I wanted to make change in my life and the life of men 50 +

    First let’s change the face of what a man living with HIV looks like, especially those men 50 plus. So in Sept 2018 I asked men I knew to come to a photoshoot. “Let’s take pictures and fellowship.” What happened after that was phenomenal.

    We started Mature Sexy Men chat group and that became The Silver Lining group

    I want men 50 plus to understand this battle is not a fight they have to fight alone.

    I attended BLOC (Black Leaders of Color) training and it really lit a Fire in my Soul.

    I want us to support each other and make sure we are reaching out and getting each other into care.

    I am the Program Coordinator for the Silver Lining Project and my journey has just begun.

    I plan to take my place at the table and be heard.

    Program Coordinator

    Joe Robinson

    My journey with HIV began 18 years with my diagnosis. At the time I initially spoke with my case manager Maria, she said you don’t need managing as you’ll be leading folks. From that point I learning about the virus and sharing my knowledge. I’m addition to peer counseling, I’ve served as chairperson on the HIV Planning Council, community advisor member with the NIH Clinical Trials group, in addition to attending the Black Aids Institute. My most important work is/has been mentoring/advocating for brothers who are HIV+ and identifying ways to balance life and the diagnosis.

    I’m excited about what lies ahead with the my journey at ThriveSS and looking forward to the many endless possibilities on helping my brothers.

  • The Silver Skills Curriculum

    The Silver Skills Curriculum is a workshop written and designed by black gay men over 50 living with HIV for black men over 50 living with HIV. The workshop is designed to inform, enlighten and inspire you. Enabling you to conquer internal and external stigma. Our goal is to support you, and keep you whole while listening to your stories. When you complete this curriculum, our hope is that you will want to be more involved in advocating for yourself and your community.

    The workshops consist of four modules and 6 webinars


    Module 1: HIV and Aging

    The HIV and Aging in-person session is supported by the following activities

    Webinar - HIV 101 - recorded for 24-hour access

    Learn the basics of HIV. How it is and is NOT transmitted and what medical science is doing to end the epidemic.

    Training class: INSTI and R3 linkage - Learn how to provide testing services and link people to care.

    Module 2: Trauma and PTSD

    Webinar - Cultural Humility - will be recorded for 24-hour access

    Learn how to talk about HIV with people of diverse backgrounds in a way that effectively brings them to care.

    Webinar - Health and Wellness - will be recorded for 24-hour access

    It’s not just about HIV. You can control your Health and Wellness.

    Module 3: Loss and Depression

    Webinar - Spirituality - recorded for 24-hour access

    Spirituality is not just a religion. It’s not just weekly service. Spirituality is your individual relationship with your God, Spirit or Universe. Let’s talk about how your Spirituality helps you deal with Loss

    Module 4: Stigma

    Webinar - Self Love and HIV Acceptance - recorded for 24-hour access

    Tools for you to show love for you, every day!

    Webinar - Policy and Advocacy - will be recorded for 24-hour access

    We love ourselves. Now let’s fight for ourselves. Learn how advocates have fought and won in the struggle for LBGTQ rights and HIV care. What are the battles today and how can we be prepared for the battles of the future?

    Photo Shoot

    Let’s show the world, We THRIVE. And we are beautiful!!!


    A weekend in the mountains of North Georgia. Time to reflect on the "New You". Time to get to know your brothers and build last friendships

    Thursday - Sunday (TBD)

  • If you are interested in attending the Silver Skills Curriculum, please provide your name and email address below

    We'll get in touch with you soon.

  • The Blog

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    Introducing the Silver Streak. Over the next few months... years I will be talking to and writing about various people and events for the Silver Lining group. Topics will be about Black men living with HIV who are over the age of 50. Our concerns, our joys and pain. Our sunshine and rain. Our...
    May 17, 2019
    Earlier in the year, working with the USPLHIV Caucus, we made it clear to the administration and our congressional representatives that this change would be a major barrier to the stated goal to "End the Epidemic by 2030". We asked SLP members to provide public comment during the feedback period...
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  • Testimonials

    What they say after we meet

    I had a full day yesterday. Went to Piedmont Park ( a place i used to hate going to) to attend my first Indigenous House party. Ran into folks i haven't seen in almost 20 years, when i first came to Atlanta. Got to hear some great house music and overall, just fellowship with folks i love and care deeply for.
    Ended the day with a Game of thrones marathon with my big Sis Paula Marti, leading up to the last episode. My Sundays ate usually my day to stay in bed after a week of activity, but i hot out, had fun, good food, good company and good music.
    I began to reflect what made me go into seclusion and realized, it was right after my Mom passed and the devastation that i felt. I did not want to be around people and just made my home my refuge. That became my SOL ( standard of living) and the norm for me.
    I got so used to it, i did not realize just how much i was missing just having human contact.
    My excuse was monetary( cost to much), spacial capacity, ( too many people)
    Location ( don't want to go or can't find)
    15 years flew by in the blink of an eye and i had not realized it had been that long all the excuses were just that.
    YESTERDAY has shown me that i still have a lot of life left in me and i need to get out there and enjoy it.
    I came put of one closet years ago, only to go into a different closet and got comfortable.
    The hinges came off yesterday and now I will start to LIVE.
    To Claude Everett, Malcolm Reid and the rest of the Guys at the Silver The Silver Lining Project, thank you for caring enough to keep pressing in a loving was and not giving up. You guys made a few cracks in the wall that allowed enough sunshine to come through that helped me decide to just smash that motherfucker and step out into the light.
    This bird is flying once again, thanks to YOU ALL.


    ~ Renard P. Atlanta Ga 5/19/2019

    I wake with a smile on my face, why? You see last night I met a group of gentleman, that made me feel loved. I didn't feel like I was alone in this crazy world. I knew my move to Atlanta had a purpose. I saw that purpose last night when I stepped out of my comfort zone and attended a meet and greet. These men had no other motive, but to show love and compassion. To say, hi, I've been there too.

    So I say thank you for giving me a safe haven to let go. I say thank you for letting me breath, for letting me exhale. .


    ~ Marvin Taylor Wilson - Atlanta, Ga. 6/22/2019

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